Sony Xperia Ultra is a Sort of Xperia Play 2 Design

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Junior Riega sent us a concept (and insisted posting on Facebook about it way too much) for a new Xperia Play device called the Sony Xperia Ultra. We’re dealing here with something I like to call “Sony meets Nintendo”, since I sense there’s a bit of Nintendo DS here, but also a bit of PS Vita.


The device packs a Super AMOLED HD display with Gorilla Glass protection, 8 GB of DDR 3 RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. There’s also Qualcomm Snapdragon 5.1 GHz processor inside with 64 cores (ARM Krait 1000 Cortex A57) plus an OS that the designer calls Android 6.0 Key Lime Pie. The display has a diagonal of 5.2 inches and a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, plus it comes with Sony Mobile Bravia 3 technology and Sony White Magic tech as well.

At the back we’ve got a 21 megapixel camera with 24x ultra Zoom, a xenon flash and LED flash. The cam is able to do 4K video capture at 120 FPS and 3D video as well. Junior Riega imagined that the Xperia Ultra concept would have Sony xLOUD technology, Track ID and some PS Vita controls. We’ve got shoulder buttons, what looks like a Walkman button, a camera button, HDMI port, a nano SIM card slot and the classic gaming buttons on a sliding area.

Would such a device catch on?

[Thanks Junior Riega]

  • Caleb Mc Donagh

    Do you seriously believe any of that?

    None of those specs are even possible.

    A Samsung screen?
    8Gb of ram when 2 is the most at the moment.
    4k screen, why when 1080p is stupid.
    How on earth did we go from 1ghz to 5ghz cpu’s?
    Key lime pie is 5.0
    21mp when 13mp camera’s are rare?

    This is just something he dreamed of.

  • orio

    i think it is possible to come out with that features cos nokia 808 pure view have it with 38mp camera

  • 216monster

    Should a device like this ever surface, I would buy the day it was available. Still using my Xperia Play. Would love to see a (2) or something along the lines

  • BrianC

    Yeah, I’ll just wait for the 2,000ghz version with 512 cores coming out next year

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  • Moneim

    My kids are waiting for this ; I will by two in a second.

    All kids are having Android phones and iPhones; so for such huge market, Sony Ultra will be king.

  • Lexu

    Nice butThe thing with sony is that they dont mind their customer’s blogs. They just proceed on their own ending up looser in the market. Lets say their sensors. The technology they put in Xperia Sola was never revived but was benefited by samsung. They can also put smart stay or scroll on their phones in which fanatics are looking after. Poor color reproduction and even their camera its really poor. White Magic? It makes their display blurred. Just compare the Samsung blues, reds and greens. Its too far from Sony.Sony’s display is too bad. Sound? Sonys phones were very poor (not loud, no midrange and subwoofer). Dust/water proof? Thats ok but do better.

  • Anonymous

    Hurry up and bring out xperia play 2 with 21mix camera be a huge success

  • The imaginary phone

    It can be possible

  • Xperia ultra wanted

    Eagerly waiting for xperia ultra.
    Please release as soon as possible.
    And also by this release you can rule the market.

  • This is to good to be true