Sony Xperia Z6 Design Created by Babak Soren

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I can’t guarantee that Sony will rush to get the Xperia Z6 out there, since the Xperia Z5 series is still fresh. Still one can dream and that’s what designer Babak Soren did, when he created the following concept.

sony xperia z6 concept babak soren 1

Odds are that we may see the handset at CES 2016, although speculations talk more about the Xperia Z5 Ultra than the Z6. Babak Soren envisioned the new smartphone with a metal and glass chassis, a slim waistline and a different camera design. Now the camera seems to be a bit bigger, unlike the usual small sensor and the circular area around it reminds me of a Motorola or Huawei.

sony xperia z6 concept babak soren 2

A metal frame with a glass back seems to be the option here, accompanied by dual front speakers and a very narrow bezel screen. Sony Xperia Z6 will probably include 4 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 820 CPU, a Quad HD screen or maybe a 4K one and a 23 megapixel or more back camera. The side fingerprint sensor will most likely be kept.

sony xperia z6 concept babak soren 3


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