Xperia Play Ultra Features 5G Technology, Gaming Buttons

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Junior Riega sent us a few renders of a new gaming phone, called the Xperia Play Ultra. This Sony phone features sliding gaming controls and has an impressive set of specs. Junior Riega also created the Xperia Ultra gaming phone we published a while ago.

Xperia Play Ultra concept 1

First of all, the smartphone features 5G LTE connectivity and it comes with an unibody aluminum case. There’s also a Ultra HD Super OLED 3D screen upfront with 5.2 inch diagonal and the handset goes 4K decoding. Technologies on board include Xreality Pro, Motionflow XR and the handset has IP67 protection against water and dust. There’s Sony Mobile Bravia 3 tech on board, Sony White Magic, too, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage and microSD support for up to 256 GB.

The CPU inside is a next gen Snapdragon 1000 4.1 GHz unit with 16 cores, a Krait 500 ARM Cortex A57 with an Adreno 500 GPU. The handset’s extreme power doesn’t end here, as it also packs a 21 ultrapixel camera with 24x zoom, ISO going up to 12800 and the ability to do 14 bit RAW pictures, as well as next gen BSI.

This is only part 1 of this concept and you’ll learn more about its gaming features in part 2!

[Thanks Junior Riega]