Xperia PS Vita Gaming Phone is a Little Bit of Both

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Juliano Brustolin from Brazil created an interesting concept gaming phone called Xperia PS Vita. As the name says, the device combines the features of a modern Xperia Phone with the ones of the PS Vita console. The result is a handset that resembles the Xperia Play, but offers a bit more.

First of all, the design of this PSP Phone is very similar to the one of the Xperia Play, although the interface is all PS Vita. We also get 3 Android buttons on the facade of the device and a touchpad at the back, the one from the Vita. In the sliding gaming area there are two analog sticks, action buttons, D pad, Select, Start and a PS button. For some reason, the model’s design reminds me of the Xperia Neo and the shoulder buttons are very discretely integrated, I’ll give you that.

Xperia PS Vita also has a front camera and if I were to come up with specs, I’d say that a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU is more than enough, as well as 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, a microSD card slot and a 3000 mAh battery. This would be a killer device and with the PlayStation legacy behind it, it would even burry the PS Vita. So, do you fancy an Xperia Play 2 like this?

[via Coroflot]

  • ismmadzx

    this could work just that the device looks a bit more like the Z phones but thats its still that slide thing so you can slide the screen and get your ps vita controlls

  • that guy

    No, I like the idea, but the concept pictured there make a problem the Vita has worse. the touch pad on the back is too big, with nowhere else to place your fingers. Causing accidental and often infuriating commands to be made. I would buy it in an instant if it wasn’t for that.

  • I think that if the screen is too big to be good if in the view and the people who play it too will be satisfied as easily in view and also clear when viewed and if you can master that should make the phone hold of any environment eg: waterproof, durable, not easy broke the screen and it should think carefully if not this phone will not be so in love by the people and that can manufacture this phone should quickly.I sure if you make a phone that is resistant of all weather environments and quickly created, and successfully created the mobile will be the preferred mobile phone among children, adolescents, and adults and if the phone is already made, then I will be the first to buy a mobile phone that is …