Xperia Tab7 Light 7 Inch Tablet Is Actually Worth the Effort

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Every tablet maker seems to have lost focus on the user experience and they only want to copy/rival the iPad… How about a fresh new tablet design from Andro Gama? He shows us the Xperia Light (Tab7) concept, a 7 inch tablet that also serves as a larger Walkman media player.

This Sony Ericsson tablet has got Office apps, e-book reading software and a super thin design. This Xperia concept comes with 3D surround sound and the Bravia Mobile Engine technology, plus, as a bonus it has a 3D display protected by anti scratch material. Facebook is heavily integrated into what looks like Android and other specs include USB on the go and micro HDMI.

There’s an 8 megapixel camera at the back, with dual LED flash and the camera on this tablet is able to record full HD video, something that most modern devices of this type can’t really do. Touch focus, face detecting, face tracking and smart contrast are also on the list. Also, let’s not forget the green side of things, since this is a slate made of material that’s very easy to recycle. Measuring 12.1mm in waistline, Xperia Light looks like a solid 7 incher with a dual core CPU and lots of promise…

[Thanks Andro Gama]