Xperia Tanso, Fresh Design by J. Havrlant

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In case you didn’t know, J. Havrlant is already a household name here at Concept Phones… After the teaser he showed us for the Xperia Tanso smartpone, now the designer realized the full version of the Tanso concept.

The new Sony Ericsson Xperia model comes with a big touch display, very slim edges, making me think of an edge to edge display and most likely a powerful camera at the back. Android is most likely the OS of choice, with the usual customizations by TimeScape and MediaScape and a Media Discovery feat.

Notice the cool circular buttons at the bottom area and the highlighted speaker at the top. This would make a very big Nokia X7 rival, or even a better model.

Update: And another picture below, the original has been lightened up by Bart Schuck. Thanks a lot!

[via Esato]

  • plethora

    I never was one for “teaser” pics of concept phones. It just doesn’t make sense. Either you do or don’t have a concept. If you have a concept, show us. But don’t make a concept so dark that you make it appear as if it is a reality but you are trying to veil it. Veiling is what you do to real phones that you want to build anticipation for. What’s the deal with veiling a concept phone????? I mean, come on, get real.