XPERIA Vibrance X12 Design by Hydro

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Esato board member hydro created an interesting XPERIA concept, that you can see below. Dubbed the XPERIA Vibrance X12, this is a full touch smartphone, that’s very thin, probably has a huge screen diagonal and runs Android.


The new XPERIA features a 4 inch HD OLED touch display, 16GB of internal memory, an 8 megapixel camera at the back, the Walkman 4 player, Mediascape/Timescape UI and Android 2.1.

This device looks pretty good and we’re looking forward to seeing more images portraying the concept phone.


[via Esato]

  • J3

    come….on xperia x12
    the real phone technology …….
    by sony ericsson

  • Nilesh

    F you sony, no-one’s going to buy your phone

  • David Lawless

    After the major let downs il makde it my business that no one buys this phone.
    Redundent sony ericsson.
    change your name,get new staff because they havent a clue and wasting peoples money and time.
    ex-fan of sony errorson

  • Camo

    Wow look at all the colors! Whats this running on ? Android 2.1? I wonder how long till Froyo..hmm..8 months? SE should just stick to making walkman phones

  • Hunter

    Sorry SE, you’ve let down a lot of customers with your lack luster customer service and update delays. You’re new line up of phones is nothing to be impressed about. SE look at your competitors and see why they sell more phones than you!

  • naymel

    well sony has never let me down and besides there are so many rumors around this phone and the xperia x11 (with windows mobile) than is better to wait for the launching that will be at the end of november, but if it has all the things that are rumored (android 3.0, camera of 12,1 megapixels…) i think it will be one of the best cellphones ever seen by now so i don’t know why are you saying it wouldn’t sell…