First XPERIA Windows Phone 7 Series Handset Designed by Jozef Kocúr

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Jozef Kocúr is a regular on our site, as far as Sony Ericsson concepts are concerned, with a focus on XPERIA models. His latest work is the XPERIA Renovatio, followed recently by a model from the same series, but this time running Windows Phone 7 Series. The handset is pictured below and it looks pretty sleek and high end-ish.


The last rumours we heard pointed towards an ASUS or HTC Windows Phone 7 model as the first to be released, plus the rumoured LG Panther. Will the likes of Sony Ericsson and Motorola join this initiative soon?

If SE’s WP 7 device looks anything like Jozef’s concept, we’ll certainly have something to praise SE for.



[via Esato]