Xperia X5 Concept Design, an iPhone Clone?

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I’ve seen my share of Xperia concept phones, specially that last one designed by Tigershark42 from Esato, but this one adds a breath of fresh air to the core of the device. I’m talking about the Xperia X5, tob!s’ full touchscreen phone that looks pretty neat actually, although it borrows a couple of design traits from the Apple iPhone.


The Xperia X5 comes with an 8 megapixels camera with autofocus and a Xenon flash, plus 8 gigs of internal memory and the usual WiFi, GPS and UMTS support. Its display is a 3.2″ inch screen and the specs list ends with an M2 slot. One good Photoshop work, I’ll give you that and let all nay-sayers criticize this, as any iPhone clone branded Xperia is good enough for my standards.



[via Esato]