XPERIA X5 Nadine Concept, a tob!s Wonderful Design

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Just as the heat was killing our neurons, we found something cool enough to distract us from the evil sun: Esato user tob!s’ latest Sony Ericsson concept phone. This is yet another render of the XPERIA X5, bearing the codename Nadine, but it manages to surpass every other render so far, design-wise.


XPERIA X5 is available in Chrome Silver, Ocean Blue and Sunny Orange, each of these versions looking well enough to compete with any HTC or Nokia device. As far as specs are concerned, we get the best on the market: 12 megapixel camera with autofocus, Xenon flash and HD video recording, plus a 3.5 inch touchscreen.

There’s also a touch keyboard on the features list, Android OS (2.0 most likely) and even a Sony Ericsson App Store, something that seems impossible now, considering the company’s financial problems. Great job as usual tob!s and this might just be the best Sony Ericsson design I’ve seen this summer.



[via Esato]