Sony Xperia 2 Renders Leak Ahead of Potential IFA 2019 Unveiling

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Sony Xperia 2 leaking is one of those odd cases when a successor leaks just before the OG was launched. The Xperia 1  was unveiled at MWC 2019, pioneering a cinematic 21:9 screen and a triple camera, which is new for Xperias. The Xperia 2 gives us more of the same and makes us wonder what the selling point is.

This leak comes courtesy of @OnLeaks and CashKaro, who show us the first glimpse at the new device, plus a video. The triple main camera has been moved from the center of the back to the left side and the flash is right above it. Knowing Sony like we do, the sensors are probably going to be the same. They’re also going to throw Android Q in there, as they usually do and probably provide a RAM boost to 8 GB (even though the source talks about 6 GB).

Oddly enough the handset is going to have a 6.2 inch screen, which is smaller than the 6.5 incher of the Xperia 1. The whole body is much more compact and the screen keeps its large bezels, though, at the top and bottom. There’s probably the usual bells and whistles here, like the stereo speakers, waterproofing and wireless charging.

There seems to be a singular speaker at the bottom, but the top one may also play a part. I sure hope for a camera upgrade, even though I haven’t even played with the Xperia 1 yet… and its 3 x 12 MP shooters.

[via OnLeaks/ CashKaro]

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