Sony Xperia Note Flex is Finally a Sony Foldable Phone (Video)

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Sony is one of the few big phone makers that hasn’t flooded the interwebs yet with patents for future foldable devices. Samsung has, Microsoft has, Huawei too and of course LG. Sony has kept itself far from dual cameras for a while, now triple cameras and notches. However, they may step up in 2019 and taking us in that direction is TechConfigurations, with the concept below.

The device is dubbed Sony Xperia Note Flex, a pretty pretentious and unlikely name, since Sony never had a Note to begin with. They’re also a kind of company that doesn’t like to copy others. Anyway, the creation of Techconfigurations, this device packs a generous triple back camera, with a combo of 40 MP, 22 MP and 12 MP, plus PDAF and OIS. There’s also AI.

The selfie camera is a 13 MP shooter, that pops up from the top side and does beautification using AI features. The foldable part is the core of the experience here. It’s rather massive and clunky, reminding me of the experimental Xperia Tablet P a bit. The end result is a flat, rectangular device, with a Snapdragon 855 CPU and two split parts that can become one and form a tablet screen.

When the two are overlapped you can clearly see the hinge massive and similar to the Lenovo Yoga Book one or the Surface Laptop one. We also get a stylus, which feels a bit like a sword and when the two pieces overlap, they both feel like a PlayStation console. Too bulky for me…

[via Techconfigurations]

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