Sony Xperia X Premium HDR Display Phone Gets Rendered

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It only takes a minuscule leak of a phone to get the ball rolling and get some nifty renders and concepts of that model. For example, we’ve got the Sony Xperia X Premium, that just leaked and it’s already rendered below by designer Lukasz Leszczynski.

Sony Xperia X Premium concept render

The handset is going to be the first phone with a HDR display and apparently with a very high brightness of around 1300 nits, which is just crazy. The Galaxy S7 reaches 855 nits, while the Xiaomi Mi 5 is at 600 nits. The new Xperia model is also expected to offer a 1.07 billion colour depth and a 120 Hz refresh rate, as well as a contrast ratio of 2000:1.

The hardware is said to be the same as the one of the Xperia X Performance, that debuted at MWC 2016. The designer calls this a a 5.5 inch bezelless model and it rendered it right next to the Xperia X Performance, for comparison sake. Sony’s getting on the right track, I feel.

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