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HTC U12 Cuts Bezels, Adds Dual Camera

The end of the ear brings the inevitable concept phones that predict 2018 flagships. Samsung Galaxy S9 has got to be one of the most rendered flagships, Huawei P11 is also doing fine, but the HTC U12 is just getting started. It received a render or two and now it

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HTC Five is the iPhone 5c of HTCs

We haven’t seen as many HTC concepts as before, I have to admit, but every now and then an appealing model pops up, like the HTC Five shown below. This device comes from Giorgi Tedoradze from Georgia and from what I can see it sports a colourful case, that makes

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HTC One C Concept – C is for Camera

Lihet Calin, a designer from Romania envisions the next generation of HTC phone, one that allows a special DSLR camera attachment with all the lens power one needs for stunning shots. The device is called HTC One C and it’s pictured below, together with the much needed lens accessory. The

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