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The iPhone is a PSP Today

Gamers? iPhone fans? Thought so… Seemingly there’s not “one ring to rule them all”, but there’s a pretty neat device that will turn your iPhone into a PSP, at least when it comes to gaming controls and experience plus design. The iControlPad is only a prototype for now, but I’m

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Nokia Tube Prototype Designed by Provoke?

We’re familiar with the Provoke Design name, since we last saw their brilliant interface showing us the true power of touchscreen displays. Now we’ve spotted a prototype image of theirs showing a pretty neat touchscreen device. Provoke is known to work closely with Nokia, so with a bit of speculation

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Mitsumi Makes You Go Haptic

Ever wanted to control your cellphone with one hand only? Ever tried doing that and ended up writing poor text messages? Thought so. Mitsumi now has a sollution for you, materialized in the haptic input device you can see in the following image. This device will be placed on the

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