iWeb 2.0 Smartphone/Laptop Concept is Lightweight, Foldable

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Designer Yang Yongchang had the brilliant idea of creating what we call these days a “smartbook”, a hybrid between a smartphone and a netbook. This concept smartphone features a 6.5 inch 16:9 capacitive touchscreen display, with support for multitouch and gravity sensing technology. Its physical keyboard can be folded into a bigger unit, as you can see in the following pics.


Basically, the iWeb 2.0 provides the same full QWERTY keyboard you can see on every laptop out there, by dual folding outside of the main device. You can notice that the concept includes status indicators (a row at the bottom of the keyboard) and 3 quick operation buttons: zoom, WEB attributes, HOME button and more.

The maximum angle for the screen is 115 degrees and we have to mention that the keypad includes a touchpad, shortcut keys, soft material keys and decorative pieces. The iWeb 2.0 certainly looks like a gaming machine and a powerful portable PC, but we’ll probably never see it turned into a real laptop, which is a real pity.






[Yanko Design via IntoMobile]