Mystery Tablet Design Needs a Branding! Ideas?

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Designer Frank Tobias created a brand new tablet concept, but he couldn’t decide on the branding of the device, yet. Also, he has a hard time choosing the UI and OS for the unit (Windows Phone 7, Android, Windows 7 etc). Any suggestions?

We have to mention that the tablet features a 3.5mm audio jack, 2 USB ports on the right side, a 10 megapixel camera with HD video recording and a triple LED flash. HTC would certainly fit this device, or maybe Motorola? How about Dell? Ideas?

[via Esato]

  • paul

    i thoughtit was but i think SONY lol looks like it but like it allot 🙂

  • dimiro

    I would call it a ‘Spark’

  • Demetrius Tucker

    I would recommend maemo. It’s a linux distribution for tablets. It would be great because the community is there to upkeep the maintenance.

  • Ben Christon

    i think it should be called the Sony Envision tablet.