Side Sliding Netbook is Also a Smartphone, PC Replacement

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What do we have here? The replacement for a PC, a tablet and a smartphone… This strange device is a dual side sliding unit, created by Lin Jian Feng and reminding us of an older Nokia model from back when the Finns were top notch phone makers.

This two-way slide netbook uses a multimedia shortcut key and its screen angle can be adjusted with ease. Its sliding parts make up a QWERTY keyboard and they also manage to integrate a rocker instead of a mouse. Shortcut keys are also placed on the keyboard, with multimedia functions involved. The total width of the device (when open) is 500mm, while the width is 122m and the thickness is 15mm.

With the sliding parts closed we guess that this concept becomes an elongated smartphone with at most a 5 inch touch display. Beautiful? Yes! Practical? Not quite, at least not yet.

[via Yanko Design]