Nexus 5.2 Rendered With Android Marshmallow on Board

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Well, here’s a nice start for a concept: the designer thinks that both Nexus 2015 phones will be ugly, so he designed his own. The Nexus 5.2 concept is the creation of Deviantart member TheFreal and it’s pictured below.

Nexus 5.2 concept august 2015

This feels like a more old school smartphone, with an extra frame around the edges, that looks more like glass than metal. The format is rectangular with slightly rounded corners and we’ve got dual front speakers. The volume buttons are a bit too low to be comfy, to be honest, but the Power button is placed right where it needs to be. This doesn’t feel like an out of the ordinary render, but rather a predictable one.

It’s true that we can’t see the back or the potential maker of the phone, but this feels more like LG and less like Huawei. In the end two aspects must always be taken into account: an ergonomic and resilient case. Beauty is also important, but neglected by so many device makers today… Not everyone is Samsung after all, as they did a truly fine job with the Galaxy models this year.  I’d still like to see the back of the Nexus 5.2 before truly judging it.

[via Deviantart]

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