Xiaomi Mi 6 Mix Concept Has a Crazy 100% Screen to Body Ratio, Retractable Front Camera

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Since the year is getting closer and closer to its end, it’s time to give verdicts and judgement. Xiaomi Mi MIX seems to have been the prettiest phone of 2016, so everybody is excited about a follow-up already. The folks of techconfigurations have envisioned one such device and have called it the Xiaomi Mi 6 Mix.


The device goes to a crazy 100% screen to body ratio and in order to achieve that it also gets a retractable front camera. The device remains big, with a 6.4 inch Quad HD AMOLED screen, but somehow the device’s body doesn’t reflect that diagonal size. There’s 3D Touch here and 6 GB of RAM, plus a Snapdragon 835 processor and a 16 megapixel dual camera with laser focus.


A 100% screen to body ratio means that the facade is all screen, basically, which is an idea we’ve seen approached before. Now the ceramic may not make a comeback, simply because it makes the device very hard to manufacture and prone to damage when dropped, as tests of the Mi MIX have shown. Yes, I know the concept here has a ceramic body still, but things may differ in real life.

Also, I find the retractable back camera a recipe for disaster, since it can break off easily.








[via techconfigurations]

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