Xiaomi Phone With 4 Side Edge Display Patented and Rendered

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Xiaomi Mi 9 has been leaking a lot lately, but it doesn’t seem to come with any surprises. Instead, out of nowhere came this Xiaomi 4 side edge display phone, that was recently patented and rendered. It’s all courtesy of Letsgodigital.org.

The device is basically all screen, with curved edges on all 4 sides of it. We’ve seen such proposals for years now and some devices even taking the screen from the front, curving it on the sides and continuing it at the back. Xiaomi has been growing steadily for the past years, after a small drop in 2014. The key? Expansion to India and Europe.

Mi Mix 3 showed some penchant to experiment and now they should take it further. The device shown in these renders feels like a slab of glass basically, with zero bezels. The screen interactive area goes all the way to the sides. The technology that prevents touch input by mistake must be upgraded seriously here to make it all work.

I can’t see any trace of front camera, so I’ll just assume it’s placed below the screen panel. We could end up with a slider again, but I can’t really see any proof about that here. While the phone may look gorgeous, so much glass and interactive area could make it slippery and prone to breakage.

[via Letsgodigital.org]

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