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Macintosh Phone Concept Imagined by Pierre Cerveau

May 28th, 2015

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There are people willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars or even more for a classic Macintosh, so why not spend an extra buck for a vintage looking device like the one below? Dubbed the Macintosh Phone, this handset was created by Pierre Cerveau with the Macintosh computer in mind.

Macintosh phone concept 1

Everything that reminds us of the era is here, complete with a rotary dial, the same texture, material and color of the OG Macintosh and even the logo. In order to make everything even more realistic, the storage is as little as possible, 512 Kb in this case. The phone is rather bulky, has two speakers at the top of the back and apparently you can flick to dial a number.

Macintosh phone concept 2

I have a feeling that Jony Ive would smile when he’d see this concept Apple phone, but then say “NO” and that’s it… If anything, the device is too thin, considering all the technical gear that would have gone inside at the time of the Mac. What do you say? Vintage or not?

Macintosh phone concept 3

Macintosh phone concept 4

[via Yanko Design]

iPhone 7 Rendered With Edge to Edge Display, No Home Button

May 28th, 2015

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Finally we managed to get an iPhone 7 concept that feels different from the standard glass and metal rectangles seen before. This model was created by Deviantart member studiomonroe and it involves an edge to edge approach.

iPhone 7 edge to edge concept

The design format feels similar to the one of the iPhone 6 overall, but this model uses an edge to edge screen panel and removes the black glass bands from the side. Force Touch is built into the screen to emulate the Home button and get rid of its physical incarnation. The bottom of the phone is compacted, as well as the top, so the edges on all sides have been cut smaller.

Screen size hasn’t reduced, so this is still a 4.7 incher. The glass seems curved now, maybe that 2.5D glass that so many Chinese companies have been using lately. It’s true that the Home button feels like a thing of the past, but it’s also a bit of an Apple iPhone trademark. Will they get rid of it?

[via Deviantart]

Nike Phone Concept is All Tactile and Edge-Free, Sporty

May 26th, 2015

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With so many fitness bracelets out there, people have forgotten that the initial fitness gadget was the smartphone. The need for a fitness phone is basically zero nowadays, but a big company like Samsung or Xiaomi may want to spend some millions on working with a Adidas or Nike for example. And they just might do a phone like the one conceptualized by Javi Planells.

Nike Phone concept

He envisions the Nike Phone in a very modern fashion. This model doesn’t seem to have buttons, instead relying on the continuation of the screen on the sides, as tactile interactive surfaces. The handset brings a powerful back camera, that from what I understood doubles as an array of sensors. Since the phone is meant to be worn on the arm, it will certainly scan your pulse, O2 sat, level of hydration, glycaemia, maybe even blood pressure.

The Nike Phone has a curved profile, so it can emulate itself easier on the user’s arm. I’m also relatively confident it’s waterproof and dust proof and especially protected against sweat, mostly in the camera area, that will be very much subjected to that. The facade of the phone is good enough to make it on a drawing board of a Galaxy S6 Edge brethren.

[via Behance]

iPhone 6s Gets Official-Looking Video Render from Jermaine Smit

May 25th, 2015

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Jermaine Smit has rendered the iPhone 6s and not only that, but he also created a video showcasing the device’s features. He even added a convincing voice over, provided by Mikhael Jacob, that sometimes feels legit, other times ironic compared to the real Apple ads.

iphone 6s concept jermaine smit may 2015

The iPhone 6s concept shown here has a 4.7 inch screen with smaller bezels, plus a stronger aluminum body. iOS 9 is also mentioned, but not shown and I noticed there’s a dual back camera and the two LED flashes have been molded into one common flash. There are a lot of adjectives in this video, making you forget the essence of the smartphone’s features.

So basically, the iPhone 6s only decreases the thickness of the screen edges, keeps the diagonal, maybe also the resolution and adds a new CPU, more RAM and a new camera. A dual camera would be a bit overkill for Apple, but a brand new 12 MP sensor would be a justified upgrade. The front camera should also be upgraded.

[via Jermaine Smit]

Martin Hajek Redesigns the Star Trek Tricorder and Makes the Apple iCorder

May 25th, 2015

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Lately I’ve seen designer Martin Hajek engaging in a few Star Trek and Star Wars-related projects and redesigning droids, light sabers and other sci fi gear into Apple products. Well, the turn of the Star Trek tricorder has come and the famous scanner is given an Apple makeover.

Apple Star Trek tricorder icorder concept 1

Thus, here comes the iCorder, a medical device, with a ton of iPhone-like features. Somehow, this model adopts the clamshell design and it also gets a Lightning or USB type C port, Home button and even a smaller remote-like accessory. That’s supposed to be the medical tricorder, that’s dockable and the device runs all the famous iOS apps.

Apple Star Trek tricorder icorder concept 2

I see there are also some storage plates of sorts in the mix, or perhaps patient cards, the blue and red one…. We know Apple doesn’t like slots and cards, so that’s pretty strange. The iCorder uses 4 flashes and adopts a clamshell design, plus the basic format features of an iPhone, complete with plastic lines at the back and pill shaped buttons.

Would you see this happening within the medical system?

Apple Star Trek tricorder icorder concept 3

Apple Star Trek tricorder icorder concept 4

Apple Star Trek tricorder icorder concept 5

Apple Star Trek tricorder icorder concept 6

Apple Star Trek tricorder icorder concept 7

[via Martin Hajek]

iPhone 7 Rendered by Daniel Yako, With iOS 9 on Board

May 24th, 2015

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We have seen way more iPhone 7 concepts than iPhone 6s ones, for some reason. Well, today we get a new iPhone 7 render, created by Daniel Yako. This model runs iOS 9 and uses an aluminum body with sapphire screen.

iPhone 7 concept Daniel Yako 1

It measures 7.2 mm in thickness, weighs 175 grams and packs a 5.5 inch screen, that makes it more of an iPhone 7 Plus. The resolution is atypical, 1800 x 2880 pixels and the panel is an IPS LD. Other features include Touch Force with Touch ID involved, basically Touch Force ID and the predictable Apple A9 processor, a quad core unit clocked at 2.5 GHz.

iPhone 7 concept Daniel Yako 2

There are 4 GB of RAM here, up to 256 GB of storage and USB Type C connectivity. The back camera is a 12 megapixel module with OIS and a true tone LED flash. There’s BSI in the mix, 110 megapixel panorama, effects, scenes, white balance presets and exposure compensation. 4K filming is in the mix too. The front camera is an 8 MP one, able to record in 1080p at 60 FPS.

This handset comes in gold and white, space black and rose gold. The only bad thing I can see here is the protruding camera. Maybe that can be fixed in a future version.

iPhone 7 concept Daniel Yako 3

iPhone 7 concept Daniel Yako 4

[via Dani Yako]

Microsoft Lumia 2000 is Made of Aluminum or 16K Gold, Runs Windows 10 Mobile

May 23rd, 2015

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I have seen my share of Microsoft Lumia concept phones, but this is probably the first model that runs Windows 10 Mobile, under this name of the OS I mean. Also, it’s probably the first Lumia that also has a 16 karat gold version.

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 1

The creation of Jonas Kvale, the handset is built using aluminum in its original version and 16K gold in the second one. The concept Lumia 2000 involves a 16 megapixel back camera with dual LED flash and a 5 inch Full HD screen, plus an 8 megapixel front facing camera. The phone also has 2 GB of RAM, a 2700 mAh battery and Windows 10 Mobile as the OS.

There’s 32 GB of storage here and from what I see there’s an USB Type C port at the bottom. The Fabula Design seems pretty much unchanged, albeit with narrow bezels. The Lumia 2000 has a pretty narrow and elongated design, maybe even a bit too long for a modern phone. I like the green-ish hue of the golden version, that probably would look fantastic live.

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 2

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 3

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 4

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 5

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 6

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 7

[via Behance]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 New Vision Crafted by DBS

May 23rd, 2015

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Every year designers pick up their pens, scratch their heads and send us rectangular devices that are meant to be new Galaxy Note handsets. Many times they don’t bring anytime new to the tablet, but every once in a while there’s that little extra something. Well, the Galaxy Note 5 also gets a concept treatment below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept DBS 1

Created by DBS, this is yet again a rectangular handset, that’s pretty long, which makes sense for a phablet. Its camera design is pretty similar to the one of the predecessor and the Galaxy S6 for that matter. I can’t tell if the handset is made of glass, but it’s most likely all metal. An extra here is the F/1.8 lens, that right now is setting records on the LG G4, so Samsung may feel the need to retaliate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept DBS 2

Traditionally, the Galaxy Note has either the same camera as the Galax S model from that year, or slightly upgraded. An interesting approach from DBS comes at the front of the device, with narrow bezels, not only on the sides, but also at the top. This Note 5 is an edge to edge device, that only seems to get rid of bezels, without replacing them with curved edges.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept DBS 3

[via DBS]

Nexus X Rendered by Igor Silva; Android M Flagship?

May 22nd, 2015

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Since we’re very close to Google I/O 2015, speculations regarding Android M have started. Some say it’s going to be called Muffin, others Marshmallow or even Android Mars. Well, today we get a render of a potential flagship to promote this new OS.

Nexus X concept phone

Designer Igor Silva has envisioned the Nexus X smartphone pictured below. This is a 5.2 inch Quad HD smartphone with 3 GB of RAM and a 16 megapixel back camera with OIS. The creator of the render calls this a “fat mobile camera” and I imagine he’s referring to a “phat” camera. I’m guessing the designer has heard the rumors about Huawei’s involvement with the next Nexus.

This model does look a bit like a Huawei, like the P8 for example, in spite of not having the volume buttons on the same side with the On/Off button and the latter not being too small or uncomfortable to use. The device has a rather large camera lens and seems to either rely on aluminum or glass… or both. Ideas?

[via Igor Silva]

Project Zen/ Galaxy Note 5 Edge Gets Beautiful Vision from Ivo Maric (Video)

May 21st, 2015

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I’ve heard the info a few times over the past week, so it’s starting to sound realistic: Project Zen from Samsung is actually a new Galaxy Note Edge. Apparently, the device will stand alone and not be linked to the Galaxy Note 5. It will most likely be called the Galaxy Note Edge 2. In the meantime, designers such as Ivo Maric are trying their hand at rendering this newcomer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge design 1

Ivo’s work can be checked out in the video below and in the shots we attached to this article. The designer claims that this concept follows the Galaxy S6 Edge design language, but in a more angular fashion. The heart rate sensor and the flash have been moved below the camera. The aim was to make the device seem more like a luxury item.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge design 2

The frame is treated and coated to achieve a gold finish. As you can see here, the phablet comes in two color versions: Gold Noir and Rose Gold. There’s an S Pen slot at the bottom and the while thing feels like a more squared Galaxy S6 Edge. The rose gold version looks spectacular and it’s interesting to see how well the curves on the sides fare against the rectangular body.

I’m guessing it’s all metal and glass again….

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge design 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge design 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge design 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge design 6

[via gdgtcompare.com]

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