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Six Myths About Apple You Are Likely to Hear

Given how prominent and successful the multi-billion dollar corporation Apple is, it is no surprise to see various myths floating around. Some of the myths come from Apple loyalists, whereas others are the result of competitors trying to damage Apple’s reputation. Some myths do not really take off, and others

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iPhone 13: Top 5 New Features for Students

Photo 1 Source Perhaps, only quite a few modern students can imagine themselves without modern gadgets. Whether they use them for educational purposes, for communication, or entertainment, smartphones, smartwatches, and powerful laptops are some attributes of young people today. And indeed, staying in trend and being dynamic is important for

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iPhone 14 Pro Rumors Are Here

For all the Apple fans out there, the new iPhone 13 has been launched. It comes with some new changes, such as the layout of back cameras and new software and design changes. But as the new iPhone does not come with radical design features, people are already expecting iPhone

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Now about the iPhone 14…

Let’s face it, the iPhone 13 is a disappointment. Apple is offering us drip-drops of innovation, when they could go all out. We’re stuck with the notch one more year, albeit a smaller one. Rumors talk about a periscope camera on an iPhone in 2023, but til then here’s one

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