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How Can a VPN Help You to Protect Your Apple Devices?

Apple devices are generally safer due to their iOS being a closed system. The manufacturer doesn’t release its source code to app developers. Furthermore, iPhone and iPad owners usually can’t modify the code, resulting in security flaws. However, both Android and iOS users are susceptible to cyberattacks. Malware and viruses,

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Apple Money is a Crypto Gadget Dream

Designer Antonio de Rosa is back with an Apple concept, but not your typical smartphone, tablet or Mac. It’s something called Apple Money, but this time connected to the crypto world. We’re dealing with an electronic wallet, a card and a service all tied together. Apple Money is a machine

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Top 10 Hidden iPhone Features

If you have just upgraded your iOS, you are undoubtedly familiar with all the major iOS 15 functions that let you view movies, play music, and search with family members and friends using FaceTime. There also is Focus, which turns off alerts and conceals interruptions so you can focus better.

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