Apple Glass Concept Is Posh, Elegant, Meant for 2018

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Today we’ve come across a brand new smart glasses concept, one that’s branded Apple. Meet the Apple Glass concept, shown below and looking like a pretty fashionable piece of gear. Since wearables have become so big that Apple has gone the Watch way, why not do the same with glasses?

apple glass concept 1

The headset shown here is sophisticated, slim and discrete. It could easily be confused with a pair of regular glasses, to be honest. The design is oriented to the conventional eye glasses and the device comes with a variety of lenses. There’s a special projector in the mix, that combined with an adaptive glass tech, will allow the user to check out the latest info he needs, without losing any part of the viewing space.

apple glass concept 2

Sensors will also be included here to make sure the brightness is set perfectly and the data is shown with no problem even in sunlight. There are three switches at the top of the Apple Glass, used to change volume or turn on/off the device. There’s a microphone built in, an ear speaker and support for Siri and voice calls. Basically, it’s like having a pair of hipster glasses with a small pen glued to the side, if you want a rough comparison.

Expect to be become real around 2018, according to the designer.

apple glass concept 3

apple glass concept 4

apple glass concept 5

apple glass concept 6


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