iPhone 4 Steel Case Solves the AntennaGate 2010 Issue

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We usually deal with phones on this site, but this iPhone 4 accessory was simply too cool to ignore. We’re talking about the steel case pictured below, designed by Ryan Glasgow for LtdTools. Believe it or not, the product has become real and it’s available on the market for $95 and it solves the iPhone 4 antenna issues.

Its features include a stainless steel body, an elastic band that allows the case to hold cards, delrim fastener housings, a hinged lid and tabs for easy opening. The large camera cutout leaves enough room for the wide angle iPhone 4 flash on the device and the case’s backplate was removed, as you can see in the images, to reduce weight.

Sure wish Apple was handing out such cases for free…

[via Yanko Design]