iPhone 4G Concept Uses a 12MP Camera, Wider Screen

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How about a better iPhone? An iPhone 4G concept shown by the folks of iSpazio.net and packing quite an amount of fresh features, for example. The handset uses a widescreen display, showing 5 rows of icons, a microSDHC card slot, a LED light indicator and a solid metal protector around the device’s body.


There’s also a 12 megapixel camera on board with LED flash, two speakers incorporated, two microphones, a multifunctional Home button, a removable battery and a duraluminum back panel.

This iPhone 4G design also includes a hidden videocall camera upfront and you have to know that the Home button is backlit and can be pressed in multiple ways  (upward to lock the device, downward to active a certain app). What do you say? Is this iPhone your cup of tea?

[via ispazio]