iPhone 5 Concept, Possibly the Very First One!

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We all know that the iPhone 4 was very much a failure, compared to the previous Apple handsets, so the need for a new device to repair the brand is great. Thus, we give you the iPhone 5 concept, the very first of its kind, unless there’s some other design out there.

For starters, the new iPhone will get rid of the antenna issues and it’ll be extremely flat, as seen in the image above. On the left side you’ll find a touch volume control mechanism, well, the entire left side will serve for that purpose, to be more precise. You’ll move your finger from bottom to top in order to reduce the volume.

iPhone 5 supports 4G connectivity (100 Mb/s in download) and it comes with adjustable backlight and the same great Retina Display on the iPhone. The camera at the back will be a 10.2 megapixel unit and the internal memory will be either 32GB or 64GB. A better battery will also be in the mix. What do you say? A mere project or something close to reality?

[thanks Nico for the tip] [via handyflash.de]