iPhone 5 Features 3D Crystal Display, 16MP Camera

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The same guy who created this beautiful iPhone 6 concept is back with an iPhone 5 design. Chris Youn, from Flushing, New York gives us a next generation Apple handset with a 3D Crystal touchscreen, a 16 megapixel camera and a faster Bluetooth technology on board. It also has a strong 2.6GHz processor and it can provide up to 24 hours of video playback.

This iPhone 5 concept guarantees up to 52 hours of audio playback , so it must have an impressive battery and I wonder how Apple managed to fit that in, but this is a mere design after all. The handset measures 0.38 inches in thickness and its volume buttons are very interesting and futuristic. Notice how the phone appears to get wider at the top and its slightly curved upper and lower edge. Somehow this reminds a bit of the Nokia X7, but with a more rounded approach.

I’m more interested in those cute speakers that are bundled with the phone here, since they look really nice… What do you say?

[via Coroflot]