iPhone 6 Dual Screen 5 inch Concept is a Monster of a Gaming Machine (Video)

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We’ve got not one, but two videos of a brand new iPhone 6 concept, a dual display 5 inch smartphone, envisioned by SCAVids. This render has been created by Sahanan Yogarasa and it involves a 16 megapixel camera and an edge to edge screen.

iphone 6 5 inch concept 1

The iPhone 6 shown here runs iOS 8 and comes in a variety of colors. At its core, this is a 5 inch handset, with a very slim case made of aluminum and other metals. There’s a special transparent wallpaper functioning mode and the device supports 4K Video capture and 240 image per second capture. This phone is 5.25 mm in thickness and the screen is a 4K Ultra Retina one.

iphone 6 5 inch concept 2

The most important aspect here is that the 5 inch screen is a dual one and there’s a movable back area that triggers another display panel. That can be placed next to the main screen for some hardcore gaming. Inside the iPhone 6 concept we find the Apple A8 chip, a quad core 2.3 GHz unit and 3 GB of RAM.

30 FPS gameplay is ensured in Assassin’s Creed III and we also get a special wireless charging mode. Fancy this product?



[via SCAVids]

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