iPhone Keeps Freezing and Restarting? 11 Ways to Easily Fix.[2023]

Apple is famous for its software optimizations and performance, but sometimes all does not go to plan. Even when you are doing nothing wrong, you may find the iPhone keeps freezing and restarting, and the problem is very frustrating. This problem gets common after the software update, and luckily there are different solutions to try on iPhone.

In this comprehensive guide to fixing iPhone freezing up, we will share the top 11 ways to fix this issue.

Part 2: Why Does My iPhone Keep Freezing and Restarting?

The first step in solving this problem is understanding what is causing the “iPhone freezes and restarts” problem at your end. Remember that the reason behind this can vary from device to device, but here are the top 3 causes this problem:

  1. You started an iOS update and interrupted it midway.
  2. There is no free storage space left on the iPhone. It is the issue that causes multiple problems with iPhones.
  3. Sometimes this issue is faced due to hardware damage. You don’t need to cause hardware damage upon dropping the iPhone, but chances are higher.

 So, whether you are facing the issue due to these reasons or any other reason, you can try the solutions below to resolve it easily.

Part 3: How to Fix My iPhone Keeps Freezing and Restarting Issue?

Now it is time to understand different solutions to resolve the issue. The first 4 methods here are easiest and quickest ones that you can try. Here are our top 11 picks for the solutions that can help you get rid of the problem:

Solution 1: Running out of iPhone battery: Give enough power to run the hardware properly.

The battery of your iPhone completely draining is one of the issues causing the phone to freeze for a few seconds and then shut down or restart. The solution is keeping track of the battery from the screen’s icon on the top right side and putting it to charge whenever needed.

Solution 2: Confirm battery health: Hardware gets enough power from battery backup.

Sometimes your battery has enough juice, but the iPhone still faces this problem. It is because the battery health is significantly degraded. That causes low voltage and current, which cannot keep the iPhone running, so it freezes and restarts. The best solution is replacing your battery, even if it shows good battery health inside settings.

Solution 3: Unplug the SIM card: Resolves upper-level hardware issue.

It has been recently seen that the latest iPhone models start freezing or restarting without any warnings if the inserted SIM card is damaged. So, if you face the issue, try removing the physical SIM card from your phone and:

  • Use it with some other SIM card
  • Use it without a SIM card

You can try both solutions to see if your SIM card is causing the problem.

Solution 4: Force close background apps: Best way to free up some memory.

Background apps taking too much RAM can cause the issue, and the solution is very simple. You need to swipe up slowly from the home screen’s bottom. Now the multitasking screen will appear. Swipe up on all apps and then restart your iPhone.

Solution 5: Force restart iPhone

Another way to remove iPhone hardware from unwanted processes is to force restart it. You can quickly hit the vol + and then vol – buttons. Then you must quickly hold the right-side button until you see Apple icon.

Solution 6: Update or remove outdated apps

If you have too many apps on iPhone, try uninstalling those you don’t need. Meanwhile, you can update the ones you frequently use since outdated apps can cause software issues with the iPhone.

Solution 7: Check your iPhone updates

If you are running on an outdated iOS update, it is time to update your device to the latest version. The process is very simple as you can go inside General and software update in the settings app to see if any recent updates are available.

Solution 8: Resetting All things

If you think a recent setting change is causing this issue, try resetting everything on iPhone. Remember that you don’t want to erase data from your device. Search for Reset in settings and on it. Next, you need to tap reset and then reset all settings. To proceed, you may need to authenticate with your passcode.

Solution 9: Restore your iPhone with iTunes

IPhone users who frequently create iTunes backups can restore their most recent iTunes backup on the iPhone and see if that fixes the solution. Doing that may remove any recently created bug from the iPhone and resolve the problem. To do this, connect the device to iTunes, go to Summary, and select restore the backup. Now select the most recent backup and begin.

Solution 10: Use the Third-Party Repair Tool without Data Loss

If the solutions above didn’t work or seemed a bit complex, we have an easy solution for you. It involves ReiBoot- iOS system repair, a third-party iPhone system repair tool. ReiBoot is your most reliable pick if you are facing issues with your iPhone that are software related since it supports almost every Apple device. Here you will find the best solution to why does my iPhone keep freezing and restarting. With this tool, you can fix issues like:

  • Freezing screens
  • Restarting
  • Device bugs
  • Update issues
  • Driver errors, etc.

The tool instantly resolves any issues with your iPhone, and the best part is that it is very easy to use.

Step1: Connect iPhone

Start with connecting the ReiBoot tool on your PC with your iPhone with the help of an official lightning cable. You can use other cables, but official products offer better reliability. Once the tool detects your device, you will click start.

Step2: Select Standard Repair Mode

The next screen will give you Standard repair and Deep repair options. Go for Standard repair since it resolves the problem without causing any data loss. If you see any on-screen steps, you must proceed with them and follow the instructions carefully.

Step 3: Download iPhone firmware

Now you need to download firmware, and ReiBoot makes that extremely easy. The screen will show a download button that will initiate your download and will be complete in no time.

Step 4: Fix your iPhone

Lastly, click start button to see the success screen within a few minutes. Now you can close the tool and disconnect iPhone and PC. Try using your device, and it will work flawlessly.

With 4 easy steps, this is the most efficient solution for any iPhone user. In the previous methods, you don’t have any guarantee of success, and you still end up using your data. That’s not the case with ReiBoot since it does not damage the data on iPhone.

For a visual guide on how to use ReiBoot, you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E9Z0rjGsw0

Solution 11: Contact Apple Support

In some cases, none of the methods above would work. It is because we have been trying to fix the software, but the issue lies within your device’s hardware. So, the preferable solution is to take your phone to an Apple Store and get it checked for potential hardware issues.

Part 4: Conclusion

Apple makes its iPhone so reliable that even a minor inconvenience seems problematic. That’s why facing this specific problem feels so huge and often frustrates the users. The good part is that fixing this problem is easier than it seems. With the solutions we discussed above, you can surely easily get your iPhone fixed. However, if you were still unable to fix the problem, here are some Quick Fixes: iPhone Keeps Freezing and Restarting.

Hot FAQ:

  1. Why is my iPhone keep crashing?

This issue is commonly caused due to lack of free storage space, iOS version or update issues, or hardware problems. Hardware problems are the least common cause for a crashing iPhone.

  1. How do I fix my iPhone from freezing and turning off?

Charging it, freeing some storage space, updating to the latest available iOS version, deleting specific apps that cause this issue, or force restarting the device will help in fixing this problem. The most reliable way of fixing any software issues with your iPhone is using ReiBoot.

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