iPhone Steampunk Concept is Surely the Most Bizarre Design Ever

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Karl Vanderbeek’s iPhone concept has gone to the steampunk side and has got to be one of the craziest designs ever! Know that it supports 3G, up to 5G connectivity, it packs a “magic touch windows” and uses an “inboard powerplant” that will be fuelled by an incinerator, burning garbage and… Zunes.


There’s also a videocall camera on board, a keyboard that works at the speed of light, support for location tracking (with trail included ) and great photographic abilities. The steampunk iPhone concept should be made out of brass, walnut, leather or Bakelite, in order to keep up with the futuristic trends.

I am stunned, simply stunned… Would you buy such a crazy device?

[via ilounge]

  • Jamie

    I certainly would if the price were right. In the day of anonymous plastic electronics, why not jump at the the one that you can definitely tell is yours when everyone mutes and puts their phone on the conference table before the meeting!

  • Biff

    “fuelled by an incinerator, burning garbage and… Zunes.”

    There’s a distinction?

  • This is Iphone zoo

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  • Paatipoopa

    Just Wikied Bakelite as I’ve had lots of it but never checked what it is made from & found the ingredients less interesting than its correct name. ….polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride.