iPhone of the Year 2020 Rendered With 360 Degree Screen

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The idea of a 360 degree screen on an iPhone may seem strange, but wait till you see the iPhone concept below. It’s meant for 2020 and takes things to a new level, feeling a bit like a futuristic design. Thiago M Duarte and Ran Avni envisioned this render.

The main frame remains made of metal and components are well sealed inside. It looks like a modular set of components and the concept features dual front and back cameras. There are speakers on both sides and the screen actually goes ALL the way around the device. It’s sort of like a an extra case made of glass wrapped around the handset. Protection against water and dust has been improved too.

My main problem with this design is replaceability. Such an iPhone would be almost unfixable or very hard to fix once it goes in the shop. Also. no matter the gimmicks and angularity used here, it’s going to be as slippery as a soap. It may be sexy as hell, with all that glass, but a rubbery case may be a requirement for it. Obviously, the fingerprint scanner is embedded in the screen, being for use on any part of the device.

iOS 14 is also mentioned here and I have a feeling this would be a rather massive and heavy machine.

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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  • bjs

    It is a beautiful design, but in that I own the Galaxy S7 Edge and am constantly (inadvertently) launching either the side-panel or Samsung pay, I’m pretty sure if this thing went into production one of the biggest complaints would be the inadvertent touch of the volume keys, power key, and whatever that other slider is on the right side of screen.

    i’m seeing this more and more where beauty is given preferential treatment over functionality.

  • Nekochan

    I can see a problem with the screen breaking on the edge when it is dropped into a bag and hitting a book or something.

  • Samsung Defense Force

    I had the S7 Edge as well and upgraded to the S8 and I can tell you that the accidental touch issue is fully resolved.