MacBook Touch Concept Will Probably be Invented Before the Dual Touchscreen iPhone

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This is the next logical step of evolution, the -isation of every device (I invented a verb folks). As a proof of the trend of implementing touch-based displays on new devices, we have the MacBook Touch concept, designed by Petitinvention.


Imagine a lighter MacBook Air, with a virtual keyboard instead of the physical one… The use of two touchscreens makes the need of a mouse futile, now that we can use our fingers to navigate, click, zoom and select. Another plus is the fact that the virtual keys will always be lit, so you’ll be able to work even when the sun sets.


The nostalgic users will miss the sound and feel of pressing a button on their keyboard, but that can be easily solved with the aid of haptic technology and vibration feedback.

Next step? An even lighter and slimmer MacBook, with a single touchscreen and a small laser projector that displays a virtual keyboard on a flat surface.


[via Petitinvention]