Android Ice Cream Sandwich Concept Theme Looks Interesting, Created Through Customization

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In lack of a proper launch date for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, we’ll just be happy with a concept theme for the upcoming release. Confirmed by Eric Schmidt to come in October/November, Android 4.0 has been shown as the following design pictured below.

This was achieved through the Nite UI theme that borrows a lot from the new Android Market and a bit from the new Google Voice widget, with its minimal design. The theme isn’t all about rooting and flash zip, instead it’s a bunch of apps that you can get from Android Market and couple together.

With enough free time on your hands, you’ll make your device look like this and maybe, just maybe you’ll get the Ice Cream Sandwich feeling going on a month or so before its launch. How about a concept for Windows 8 now, I mean a new one, since we’ve already had those on our website. In case you’re wondering what Android Ice Cream Sandwich is all about, know that it will unify Gingerbread and Honeycomb into a single platform and most likely debut on the Samsung Nexus Prime handset in a couple of weeks.

[via Phandroid]