Art Lebedev Concept Phone Uses WiMax, Features Huge Touchscreen

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The designers from Art Lebedev worked with Russian carrier Scartel and created a wonderful concept phone, yet unnamed, but still looking hot. Since Scartel has just launched its WiMax network in Moscow and St. Petersburg, it will be a great occasion to allow the public to see that a WiMax-enabled phone looks like.


And what a handset this is! It’s also got WiFi, tri-band GSM, microSD, a very impressive 850 x 480 display, dual cameras, 3.5mm audio jack and an A/V connector. The usual basic keys are placed beneath the screen (call/end) plus a joystick that will make navigation easier.

This concept phone would have been much sexier with a keyboard, but given the nature of its touchscreen, we’ll settle with a virtual one.


[via Engadget Mobile]


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