BlackBerry Blackout Concept Comes With a Virtual Keyboard, 8MP Camera

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Jerome Brown shows us another handset design, after the great iPhone Slim and Sony Ericsson Walkman concept, but this time we’re dealing with a future BlackBerry. Dubbbed BlackBerry Blackout, the handset keeps the shape and design of a RIM product, but it also comes with advanced features, like an 8 megapixel camera with 2x optical zoom and shake reduction.


BlackBerry Blackout uses touchscreen keys (probably a virtual keyboard or touch sensitive keys, a front videochat camera, 3G connectivity, a music button, audio recording features, 8GB of internal memory and a slot for 40GB more.

When the BlackBerry concept phone is not active, a glossy surface will be revealed on the place where the touch sensitive keys usually appear, making the handset more elegant and sexy. Quite an interesting design and a good follow-up to the Storm and Curve.

[Thanks Jerome]