Early Draft of OnePlus Two Design is Still Better Than the Real Thing

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We’ve just uncovered a concept that was created in 2014 and was supposed to preface the arrival of the OnePlus Two. Well, the real thing came many months ago, but it didn’t look that hot. So let’s go back in time and see what Quentin Lenglin had proposed instead.

OnePlus Two early draft 2014 1

He created this 3D model using Solidworks and started off with some Photoshop work. The concept was initially done as part of a challenge in order to win a OnePlus One invite back in 2014. The format is rather rugged and rough, with a flat back, an edge to edge screen and an angular design. The bottom side is rounded and the whole thing measures 7.7 mm in thickness.

OnePlus Two early draft 2014 2

Somehow, this model doesn’t feel like a phablet, but rather like a regular format handset, with a diagonal at around 5 or 5.2 inches. Its rounded bottom part seems to feature a series of holes, associated to the speaker. I like the red/white color combo of the back side.

[via Behance]

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