Envy 4G Phone Combines the Goodies of Windows Phone 7 and iOS

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Designer Vitor Gomes created the Envy 4G concept phone having in mind the Microsoft Metro interface, as main inspiration. This revolutionary handset uses a brand new type of processor dubbed Carbon and its innovative OS bears the name of MasterMobile.

Considered a rival to the Apple iPhone 4G and the most high end Android models, Envy 4G features a 1.2GHz Carbon MX 1200 chipset, a large AMOLED display (Gorilla Glass) and a 5MP camera at the back. WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth are definitely in there, together with digital TV, an accelerometer, gyroscope, a front VGA camera and up to 64GB of internal memory.

The battery of the Envy 4G provides up to 10 hours of functioning time while on 4G networks and up to 14 hours on 3G. As a bonus, the handset is eco-friendly and uses recycled materials. If I were to guess a large brand to adopt this design it would be either HTC or Samsung… Which one would you choose?

[via Yanko Design]