Full Screen Concept Phone Eliminates all Bezels, Adopts Seemingly Wraparound Display

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After the term “edge to edge” was abused for a long time, it’s now the turn of the word “wraparound” to get thrown around for a variety of concept phones. Chesky Wong came up with a full screen concept phone, that’s all display upfront and has virtually no bezels.


It looks and feels a bit like an iPhone, or the way you imagine an iPhone being circa 2020. The front screen panel is curved and curved are the edges. It’s a nice piece of design, but I have a feeling it’s very slippery. The interface is also interesting and it doesn’t resemble iOS or Android, but rather a smart home solution.


Mobile payment is also highlighted here, maybe with a fingerprint scanner embedded within the screen panel, like the one LG developed. The mauve/blue color choice is excellent here and if I were the designer, I’d go with a transparent and see through UI for most apps. The camera can benefit from the lack of edges, in viewfinder form.

This is certainly the future, following in the footsteps of the Xiaomi Mi Mix and Sharp Aquos Crystal X.


[via Behance]

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