Hass. T Renders Vision Pro Phone 3 Concept, With a Rather Squared Design

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It’s Monday, the day that gets everyone depressed, by simply not being Friday. Obviously nobody’s in the mood for new handset designs today, but we did uncover a new concept, one made by Hass. T. He came up with the Vision Pro Phone 3 handset, pictured below.

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept 1

The designer claims that this is his best work and if you click the link below, you’ll see all of his 21 renders. We’re dealing with a smartphone that has a curved brushed aluminum back and Gorilla Glass 4 protection upfront, together with aluminum. On the sides there’s a two tone metal finish approach. Hass. T added here a brand new color called Steel Silver on Ruby Gold, that’s meant to stand out of the crowd.

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept 2

The screen is also a novelty, a 4K ALED screen (Advanced LED) with advanced pixel density. In regular use, it will display a Full HD resolution, but when needed pixel count will quadruple. The battery life is longer and the screen life increases in this way. If I’m not mistaking, Sony is also doing the same with the Xperia Z5 Premium. A new camera system is also included on the Vision Pro Phone 3, with a 20 MP camera sensor in the mix and 6 element curved sapphire glass lenses.

There are two extra camera sensors that capture the color and background of the image. Finally, there’s a fingerprint scanner and USB Type C connector.

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept 3

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept 4

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept 5

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept 6

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept 7

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept 8

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