Holland Hume’s Phone Design Looks Interesting, Favors One-Handed Use

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While there are some phone designs focused on looks, others focused on specs and advanced technologies, there are also a couple of phone concepts that are all about user-friendliness. This is also the case of the handset below, created by Holland Hume, from Dead Idol Design and Productions.


The phone is meant to be operable with one hand and it comes with a 3 inch touchscreen display, with a virtual full QWERTY keyboard, plus a standard keypad for old-fashioned users. Notice that the screen can open to the side, for better one-handed use and it can be closed in a second with one finger one a crowded subway.

This handset maintains a widescreen aspect, perfect for features like mobile TV, video playback and more. There’s also a camera incorporated in this device and it comes with optical zoom, flash and red eye reduction.