Hovering Cellphone Creates 3D Image by Spinning

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We had to do a bit of reading before showing you this concept, since it’s not as easy to figure out as it sounds. We’re dealing with a hovering cellphone concept, created by In-oh Yoo and Sun-woong Oh for the Metatrend Institute. This is a handset that’s able to spin in mid-air and the device is very closely in contact with its cradle.

The concept is basically a sleek candybar phone, looking a bit like a combo between the iPhone and some Android models. This hovering unit supports wireless charging and we learn that its design is streamlined and thin. Magnets are placed in the cradle and there’s a magnetic stick pulled away from the column, making the handset float.

There’s also an animation associated with the hovering (sand in hourglass, water rising and more). If you get a call, the cradle’s magnets will activate and make the device spin so fast that it’ll create a 3D image, because of the after-image effect. How original is that? Simply wow!

[via Yanko Design]