Icono Concept Phone, Great for Calling to Say “Wazaaa!!”

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“Yo, pick up the phone…”. Eh, well you know the rest, but when has this catch phrase seemed more familiar than when you’re holding two fingers near your face while pretending you’re using a phone? That’s half of the charm of the Icono concept phone, designed by Zinc Chan.


We’re dealing with a concept design that relies on human emotions and the iconic gestures we use to dial phone numbers. This handset is a two-piece device and features a microphone and an earphone. In case you want to make a call, you’ll just have to dial an unique animated path via the handset’s touchscreen.

After that, all you have to do is put the two accessories of the Icono phone on your fingers and start calling friends to say “Wazaaaa!”.



[via Coroflot]