KDDI Ply Concept Phone Is a Printer, a Gamepad, a Projector, a Child, a Mother, a Lover…

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Well, in case you don’t know Alanis Morisette’s song, you won’t dig the pun above, but that’s OK, as we’re here to talk phones. And what a concept beauty I’ve found! It’s the KDDI Ply that includes all the features you’d want to find in a “Swiss army knife”-style device. Confused? Check out the pics!



Designed by Hideo Kanbara, this handset is made out of many layers, just like a technological sandwich with many sliding parts. Some of these layers include a printer, a projector, a gamepad, an analog clock and God knows what else.

Still wondering how thick the Ply might be getting if it turns out to be real…




[via Cell Phone Beat, Gizmodo and KDDI]