Liam Quinn Teases New Smartphone Design; Involves Aluminum Chassis and More!

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Concept Phones, our website is a project that dates back from 2008 and in its early days designer Liam Quinn sent us some of his works. Now he’s back with a more mature approach and an increased desire to design. He proposes a brand new approach to smartphones and teases you with a new piece of work…

Promo 1

The motto here is “Some phones are smart…. Some are pure genius… “. The device is supposed to be a surprise and the camera is an “exciting feature”. We’re dealing with a smartphone that measures 5 inches in diagonal and offers a density of 524 PPI. The handset measures a crazy 4.6 mm in thickness and it comes with an aluminum chassis, that can be interchanged with other color versions.

There will be a full set of images from Liam soon, so keep an eye out for that. I can also say that the new model looks futuristic, something out of Cybertron maybe and it packs a powerful dual camera, a new Nvidia Tegra CPU and a bucketload of RAM. The OS is also unexpected!

[Thanks Liam!]


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