Pen-Cell Concept Boosts Your Memory and Hearing

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Pen-Cell is a concept phone that rather relies on utility than beauty, targeting the aging public. It’s a research project for the MIT AgeLab and you should know that the device was designed by Aaron Tang, from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pen-Cell is perfect for the hearing-impaired, as it shows visual hints of your communicational processes.


It uses basic text and voice technology, also acting like a memory aid. One of the concept’s primary features is the fact that you can use it in crowded places and be able to communicate, even if there’s noise around you, plus you won’t interrupt people.

The studies involved in the making of this concept have lead to the creation of an ergonomically comfortable handset that allows you to remember most of your contacts and what you talked to them on this phone. Did I mention that the device is also a pen?


[via and Coroflot]