Plumage Phone Concept Involves a Keyboard Cover

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Although the idea of a keyboard cover didn’t get invented by Microsoft and the Surface tablet, it sure made this accessory popular. The Plumage phone concept by Jet Ong capitalizes on this idea and takes it further.

Plumage concept phone 1

This is applied to a Windows Phone device and gives it a QWERTY keyboard below the touch display. We get all the keys we need, including a Home button, Search, Back and a hefty amount of symbols, numbers and all that. This is a fabric QWERTY type cover accessory and it can be flipped to protect the entire screen.

This is also the battery cover, that for some reason is included at the front now. The only problem here would be the fact that the flipping area of the keyboard cover may not stick to the lower protective area. Well, unless there are magnets involved, but I wouldn’t place magnets next to a battery.

[via Yanko Design]