RPhone Design Adopts an Original Format, May Bring Back Pagers

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Denny Rayell came up with a very original Windows Phone design, that looks more like an evolved pager than a smartphone. The result is the R Phone concept, where the “R” may as well stand for Rihanna, since she’s present on the screen.


As you can see, the screen is focused on a landscape orientation and the device has a very small width. I’m not sure if you can also view the Windows Phone tiles in a vertical way, but it doesn’t appear that way. The Windows, Call and Search buttons are present at the bottom of the device, or better said to the side and it’s interesting to see them, since one of them should have been a Back button.

I can envision young people wearing this device on their belts, or hanging from their schoolbags, through an extra resilient magnesium case. Nokia would probably make it and market it toward the youngsters. Is there room on the market for a modern Windows Phone pager?



[via Denny Rayell]