Sony PSP 2 Concept Designs, as Seen by Gamers

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The gaming folks of Kotaku have come up with a neat PSP 2 design contest, which showed us what people think of the next generation of Sony’s portable consoles. A couple of them are interesting to say the least, but my favourite is the very first one you can admire below. It’s got a touchscreen, a 16GB flash drive, a webcam, a PS2 emulator and tons of other features, but still… it’s no .


Another concept I digged was this “bogus design” below, created by Torokun. This PSP 2 features a touchscreen with a multi touch sensor, an 852 x 480 and 16:9 display to be more precise and a pretty neat sliding mechanism. It may remind some of you of what Nokia was trying to do back in the days with some of its handsets, but this concept goes far beyond and still manages to include that UMD drive we don’t need, plus the useful memory slot.


Check out Kotaku’s site for more PSP 2 designs and you’ll probably see a video of these designs in here tomorrow!

[via Kotaku]

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  • AK Productions

    Not bad….they could do better. .

  • Mike

    how do they make these?

  • rich

    alright… not bad for both designs, but… if its sliding out from the back split in two… where the hell does the UMD go in?? XD

  • tj

    when dose it come out in australia

  • Pinoy Gamers

    When will this be release, I can’t wait to see it on actual. Btw, is this an official concept for the PSP 2?

  • alan

    its a cool version of psp2 when does it come out?

  • alan

    its a cool version of PSP2,Hope it comes out soon

  • Fagbohun oluwatayo

    in short i don’t knw wot else to thinks but d 2 designs are really nice

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  • shahab

    I am waiting for a PSP with GSM and Camera ability. If its made already please tell me where to find it and what does it called?

  • the XIII day

    i like the first one, the one with the red screen
    its freaking awsome.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They are really the most awesome thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t these two designs pretty much the same? The toggles would have to be super low profile to slide under the screen, making them hard to play with. It’d almost be better to have the sides slide over the screen to protect it when not in use, but then you’d be losing the option of using just the screen like an iPhone.

  • pspiwant

    this looks sooo cool XD when does it come out?

  • matthew

    i personally think these psps could make a hell of alot of money but not just the prices are good from the slide out sides to the touch screen this is hot i would buy this psp as soon as it came out.ive played many psps the 1000 series to the three thousand series and ive always wondered why sony wouldnt make psps touch screened or with slide out sides i prefer it easy to carry up to date with the rest of the world i suggest sony create theses psps.cause like you guys i have always thought of ways to make psps better just as u have thought with the touch screens i have thought how cool it would be to.

  • caze

    is this real?

  • petter

    this new psp is the best i will buy it

  • petter

    i like this psp is so lighty and is very cool

  • someone

    on the red one, the analog sticks are above the buttons(x,0,triangle,square). This would make it really hard to play in my opinion. But i suppose u might get used to it.

  • dude

    so freaking awsome!!!!!!

  • wiiboy101

    you can iphone it as much as you like you can add flip out buttons as much as you like IF ITS NOT TOUCH SCREEN & DUAL SCREEN ITS “””OBSOLETE”” AS A GAMING PLATFORM

    just a screen design like iphone is a POOR GAMIONG DESIGN AND NO SECOND SCREEN IS ALSO A POOR DESIGN

    the dslite/DSi design is perfect for gaming THE SECOND SCREEN MAKES ALL THE DIFFERANCE

    DSi makes iphone and psp pointles as hand held gaming devices

  • Anonymous

    really cool i want 1 so bad

  • Jose Cuervo

    Sony is planning to have no umd door in the psp 2. Everything will be played off the memory stick.

  • Man-Man 101

    MAN!!! This new system will be the hottest thing since, since, since s%*$ I can’t think of anything hotter than this system. Aye You got to teel me more about this new PSP dude. I’m like really stoked right now. Tell Me EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

  • badkid

    when is going to come out I’m gonna buy it bad ass psp 2

  • trasean

    The psp2 is great but is it going to fit with the saftware. like is the all the games going to much the saftware are they going to make the new god of war on the new psp are the games on the psp2 going to stell work with the old psps or is sony going to cut them out like ninindo did to the gameboys with the ds. if they are then the psp2 is going to be a price of suit. Is sony going to make games or use umd downloads are the psp2 game download going to work on the psp3000? I hope the psp2 kick the hell out of ninindo agin like they did with the dsi and the psp 3000. is the ps3 going to be able to keep up with the psp’s now they are about to have tuch screen and ps3 doe’s not have any tip of that. Is sony going to bring out a new ps system. i hope people can aford this new psp in these hard times that the world is having because i am trying to get this psp to right now i own a psp 2000 seri’s and kicks the hell out of the dsi.

  • newbornalien

    i really love the first design with the red screen but it should be a psphone and the analog controllers should be under the other controllers and instead of the sony icon on the right it should be somwhere eles mayby underneath instead of the psp2 on the grey border and there should be a sony ericsson icon on the right then it will be the perfect psp(hone)/(2)

  • carla

    This is the best PSP I ever seen. i like to
    know much it is?? is this affordable??

  • Anonymous

    You dont need a second screen to have a great game console, PSP 2 di worl

  • Anonymous

    If it has a touch screen then you could dial numbers on one side.

    One of the reasons that the psp go failed was that retailers did not like them because once they sold a psp go, they lost a costomer, they wont buy UMDs anymore. For this reason the PSP 2 probably should keep the UMD drive or they risk a lack of retail orders and it too would be doomed to failure.

  • SpeedDemonXYZ

    very very very very wondreful

  • Darrell

    What kinda sony psp iz THAT I dont like it mostly. Mann yal could make any kind of models yal’d jus haff to sell da screens 4 cheap ohn dese models. Mann eff that shiid To make a long story short make tha flip up screen b’cuz ah been searching for it.

    Note(other Speeches) : I dont make consoles but if I did I would’nt write this

  • Darrell

    Yeah damn mann yal’d could make this new model
    but all Im sayin is make the flip version too.
    And the game console charactor triats iz up to yal. By what kind of expanchion slots, on/ off power / resetboot etc., pads buttons, Connection copadabillity: wireless C play, online, RM/Iso, fm/am, Internet wifi, and remote play. Battery replacement , ditatchment ability for isshoes, warning lights, harddrives, internal memory, and memory expantion.

    This note iz from…..Darrell. well if any questions send it to my E-mail address

  • @Darrell what the f*ck are you saying can’t understand f*ck what you wrote there.

    I still go for the first one. It only needs 4 shoulder buttons and i still go for the analog controls under the action buttons and arrows.

    one thing i really mis one my pspgo is touchscreen. I thought I would never say this cause i think touchscreen is g*y but with the psp closed you can’t choose music will in x cross media bar so you’re forced to open your psp everytime or you’ll have to use the shoulder buttons but the problem with this is that you have to go through your whole music library on your psp. So touchscreen would be usefull for psp2. i guarantee that.

  • wow… first of all if you’re going to submit a comment LEARN TO F****N SPELL!!!!

    But other then that it’s an interesting design… but like others said i think they could do better. And I for one am all for keeping the UMD drive in the psp cuz
    (1) yes it does boost profits
    (2) retailers will advertise for it more and lower prices on the system cuz they’ll make money on the games too.

    And as for those who think that a gaming system needs 2 screens to be an awesome hand held system needs to wake up and realize that they only have two eye’s to look with and one screen is all thats needed. Just because Nintendo came out with a two screened system dose not make it better.
    (1)takes more power to run both screens.
    (2)Plainly a distraction if you’re trying to focus.
    (3)Requires lower graphic detail for games made.

  • hhh

    i think the psp2 should be a piece of glass with two analog sticks that pop out and touch buttons and the turn off should be a ps button on the back like th ps3 controller

  • i really like it but when will it come to bad .i want it.please god.

  • psp2 touch phone? I’ll gonna prepare games like onimusha, virtua fighter 5, doa, dbz af. . .etc.(;

  • franklin

    no umd just memory sticks