Sony PSP 2 Concept Designs, as Seen by Gamers

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The gaming folks of Kotaku have come up with a neat PSP 2 design contest, which showed us what people think of the next generation of Sony’s portable consoles. A couple of them are interesting to say the least, but my favourite is the very first one you can admire below. It’s got a touchscreen, a 16GB flash drive, a webcam, a PS2 emulator and tons of other features, but still… it’s no .


Another concept I digged was this “bogus design” below, created by Torokun. This PSP 2 features a touchscreen with a multi touch sensor, an 852 x 480 and 16:9 display to be more precise and a pretty neat sliding mechanism. It may remind some of you of what Nokia was trying to do back in the days with some of its handsets, but this concept goes far beyond and still manages to include that UMD drive we don’t need, plus the useful memory slot.


Check out Kotaku’s site for more PSP 2 designs and you’ll probably see a video of these designs in here tomorrow!

[via Kotaku]